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ANT+ & Bluetooth Sync App: CYCPLUS heart rate monitor armband support all device with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+. Easy to connects with smartphones, tablets, GPS watches and bike computers.You can sync data to your favorite training platform like Wahoo.

MORE ACCURATR DATA : In order to record most accurate data, this heart rate monitor with elastic band will fit your arm completely, It will track and capture real-time heart rate. At the same time, the band of the heart rate monitor is adjustable which will suit for all men & women.

SUPER LONG BATTERY LIFE: Compare with tradtional heart rate monitor bands,this one has longer battery life over 20hours. There is no fear of power off suddenly, you can wearing it to do all kinds of fitness training. No need for a bulky chest strap anymore.

WATERPROOF & BREATHABLE : CYCPLUS heart rate monitor adopt IP67 grade waterproof design, which meet your daily indoor or outdoor fitness.

How to use CYCPLUS heart rate monitor?

Turn on: Press and the heart rate monitor will start working after the green light flashes 3 times.

Turn off: Press and then the heart rate monitor will stop working.


Please wear the heart rate monitor before turning it on.

When the power falls below 20%, the red light will flash 3 times before the monitor start working.

The first 13 seconds after power on is the unstable phase of heart rate data. The red and green indicators will flash alternately and the data will be "0".

Dual Mode Bluetooth & ANT+

This heart rate monitor supports both Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+. Easily pair with fitness apps, sports watches, bike GPS and synchronization of fitness equipment. Helping you acquire your heart rate data.

Compatible with Multiple Apps

With the built-in Bluetooth and ANT +, CYCPLUS heart rate monitor armband could stream your real time data to your hundereds of compatible apps includes iPhone and Android apps, fitness watches, bike computers and fitness equipment.

Long Battery Life

CYCPLUS heart rate monitor adopt magnetic charging technology, With the rechargeable battery, Provides over 20 hours battery life which is great choice of fitness enthusiast.

Adjustable Armband

This Bluetooth heart rate monitor match a light and breathable band, it's length could be adjustable, fits perfectly and comfortably around your arm. Compare with traditional chest strap, this heart rate sensor is more comfortable and easier to wear.

Optical Heart Rate Sensor

CYCPLUS heart rate monitor adopt photoelectric heart rate monitoring technology, which receives the heart rate data from the infrared reflection wave in the human body, you can access more accurate heart rate data.

Water proof

This heart rate heart rate monitor arm band with IP67 grade waterproof, fit for daily fitness.

Even though at a wet conditions, this heart rate sensor still capture exceptionally accurate data.

Notice: It not recommeded for swimming or bathing.

Heart Rate Indicator

Heart Rate Zone Prompt

0-79 Green light flashes slowly

80-99 Green light flashes fast

100-119 Orange light flashes slowly

120-139 Orange light flashes fast

140-159 Red light flashes slowly

160-179 Red light flashes fast

Over 180 Monitor shock

What's in the box?

H1 x 1

User Manual x 1

Micro USB Charging Cable x 1

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