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The Ocean Machine is in collaboration with guitarist/bandleader Devin Townsend. It's a "four-effects-in-one" box, combining reverb, two independent delays, and a single-channel looper. The effects are digital, but an ambitious control scheme lets you pilot them in a hands-on, analog-like way.


  • Features 2 independent delays and a reverb.
  • The guitar multi effects pedal gives you the ability to program the effects chain order.
  • Comes with a looper function, providing a total of up to 60s recording time.
  • Tap Tempo functionality with independent relative tempo options.
  • External switch and expression pedal inputs for more control options.
  • All basic delay and reverb parameters can be adjusted via dedicated control knobs for fast and easy adjustment on the fly.
  • 8 banks with 3 presets on each, providing a total of 24 preset spaces.
  • Midi programmable.
  • Full stereo inputs and outputs.
  • Adjustable Global EQ settings, input and output levels for easy integration and great results with all different kinds of instruments and setups.


Model Ocean Machine
Input 1/4' signal input audio interface x 2 (impedance 1M ohms)
Output 1/4" left and right channel audio interface x 2 (impedance 100 ohms)
Sampling Rate 44.1K
Sampling Accuracy 24bit
Power Supply DC 9V 500mA power adapter (negative inside positive)
Size 215 mm (D) x 127 mm (W) x 56 mm (H)
Weight 1.1kg
Package Contents 1 x MOOER Ocean Machine

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