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The MH-2000 is a digital temperature controller with sensor that allows you to keep the freezer, aquatic farm, laboratory or your home at the desired temperature by controlling both cooling and heating devices.


  • Adopts high accuracy sensor, can stand 3000 times of high-low temperature shock, control accuracy is 0.1℃.
  • Support cooling and heating dual mode.
  • With delay start function.
  • With power surge, lightning, voltage dip, static discharge and anti-interference protection.
  • Return difference value.
  • Can remember the parameter setting while power off suddenly.
  • With an outlet on the thermostat, saving the socket.


Model MH-2000
Temperature Controlling Range -40℃~120℃
Temperature Measuring Error ±0.5℃
Sensor NTC(10K/3435)
Control Accuracy 0.1℃
Working Voltage AC85V~AC250
Rated Current Max 200mA
Operating Temperature 0℃~60℃
Package Contents 1 x Temperature Controller

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