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Seedling heat mat is an ideal 24-hour veggie, herb and flower grow faster and safe wintering. It contains a solid state nichrome heating element. This heat mat permanently adhere to your flowerpot, forming a solid bond for optimum heat transfer.


  • Single circuit provides consistent temperature.
  • Stronger heating wire with silicon insulation, and thicker multilayer construction offer more uniform heating and durability.
  • Providing bottom heat you’ll increase the germination rate.
  • Give your plants the warming boost they need for excellent seeding and growth.
  • Designed to positively affect germination for better, easier, faster growing flowers and plants.
  • Increase the success of seedlings and cuttings, durable construction, waterproof and easy cleaning, safe for indoor use.
  • Maintains a stable temperature between around 10℃-20℃ above ambient air temperature, perfect for seed starting and cutting propagation.


Material PVC
Power 17.5W
Product Size 20 x 10 inch/50.8 x 25.4 cm
Package Content 1 x Seedling Heat Mat

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