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This Medical Stone Household Tap Water Magnetizing Filter is designed to filter the hazardous substance in water, giving you better drinking water. With soft connector, it's quite easy to install and use.

Tap Water Magnetizing Purifier

Effectively filters those hazardous substance in water, such as residual chlorine, peculiar smell, impurities, rust, etc, and ensures the water purified and healthy.

Medical Stone

Contains essential natural mineral for human body, can adjust PH and improve water quality, good for health.

Soft Connector

Makes it easy to use, easy installation, easy to operate and easy to clean. Also, makes it suitable for various kinds of water tap.

High-quality Material

Reliable quality! Non-toxic, odor-free, providing you with healthy and good drinking water.


Material PVC & PS & PP
Product Weight 93g
Product Size 3.8 x 7cm (Diameter x Height)
Package Contents 1 x Tap Water Magnetizing Filter

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