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MAG Wallet helps you to become more intuitive with what you own on your wallet and gives you an experience that's almost magical.

Magnetic Hinge

Simply stack, snap, a modular wallet that you can swiftly detach and reattach.


MAG is constructed from water-resistant fabric originating from Japan, it gives off a premium feel while remaining amazingly thin, light and durable.

Sleek yet Sophisticated

MAG not only looks distinctive from the rest of the crowd but is sleek enough to match any occasion, anytime.

Minimal yet Roomy

Slim and sleek, MAG remains minimal even after being filled with 9 cards and 4 notes.

Strong and Secure

To ensure that MAG remains sufficiently strong and secure with all the 3 modules attached as one, rest assured that the modules will not slip out of its hold.


Brand MAG
Product Size About 11.8(L) x 7.8(W) cm
3 Modules The fundamental fits up to 3 essential cards and some cash
The subsidiary holds up to 6 cards and more cash
The pouch, a zipless and secure way to hold your loose items
Package Contents 1 x MGA Wallet

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