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Calculators are essential. We use them at work, school, or while running errands on the daily. As vital as this instrument is, the design and the typing experience has not been changed in years. LOFREE takes on this challenge and gives the calculator a fresh look and feel. LOFREE digital calculator is the first retro inspired mechanical calculator. Its mechanical switches offer a tactile and responsive typing experience to help increase your efficiency and productivity. 15 degree tilted design offers you optimal vision clarity and stability, bringing you an improved typing experience.

Mechanical Keys

Allows you to receive physical responses reminding you of your productivity by hearing and feeling the keycaps clicking clacking as you crunch the numbers away.

Round Spherical Keycaps

The keycap is what makes the Lofree calculator unique. Spherical round keycaps designed perfectly for your fingers.

Calculations with Style

The retro calculator is all you need to compute all your basic calculations. Not only do you improve your typing experience, its playful design will look good in any setting.

15 Degree Tilt Design

The digital calculator features a 15 degree tilted screen design for optimal vision clarity and stability. Calculate and read he screen with ease and comfort.

Auto Sleep Mode

Auto sleep mode makes it energy efficient and elongates its battery life.

Long Lasting External Battery

The calculator’s highly efficient energy controller makes the digital calculator last more than 500 hours with two pcs AAA batteries (batteries not included).

Premium Material

Adopts high quality ABS material, enhances wear resistance, prolonging using life.


Model EH113P
Material ABS
Number of Keys 20
Battery 2 x AAA battery (not included)
Product Weight 180g
Product Size 148 x 92 x 35 mm
Package Contents 1 x LOFREE EH113P Mechanical Calculator, 1 x User Manual

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