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This building blocks set is inspired by the famous NASA Apollo Saturn V, which is the first rocket to put people on the moon! With 1969 pieces small blocks, create a detailed replica of the NASA Apollo Saturn V. By building the blocks, children can practice their creativity and imagination, and can also form the recognition to shapes and colors. Perfect educational toy for kids, especially for boys.


  • NASA Apollo Saturn V design, easy to attract kid's attention and cultivate the interest of spaceflight.
  • Exercise hands-on skills and improve eye-hand coordination.
  • Let the children do it by themselves, play along with thinking, and learn more things, thus making them more creative and optimistic.
  • Improve kids' imagination, cultivate the children to change plane thinking to spatial thinking.
  • Enhance the parent-child relationship by building the blocks together.
  • Made of premium ABS material, non- toxic, safe to kids.


Model 37003
Material ABS
Product Size 47.7 x 10.6 x 38 cm
Package Contents 1 x Set of Building Blocks

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