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This IMASS A3-YAW Robot Vacuum Cleaner is best for home, office or hotel. Featuring with self recharging function, it will automatically get itself charged when the energy is lower than 20% during cleaning, even you're on business trip or on vacation, totally worry-free! Wet and dry mopping function will make your place cleaner and neat!

Brushless DC Motor

Provides powerful power, making cleaning more efficient.

Low Noise

It will be so quiet while cleaning.

Multiple Cleaning Modes

Including Edge Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Automatic cleaning, Combination Mode, Schedule Cleaning.

Self Recharging

When the energy is lower than 20%, it will automatically seek and go back to the charging base for charging.

Gyroscope GPS

Precise positioning, setting up cleaning map, and no dirt, fur, scrap, etc, can hide.

Wet and Dry Mopping

Makes your place cleaner and neat!

Vacuum Suction Mouth

Effectively clean fur, scrap and so on, and keep your place clean and neat.

IMASS Chipset

Fast planning, high efficiency, rapid response, makes it a real smart robot vacuum cleaner.


Model A3-YAW
Function Wet and Dry Mopping, Automatic Cleaning
Dust Recognition Support
Automatic Self Recharging Support
Cleaning Modes Suction/Sweep/Mop
Sweeping Mode Edge Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Automatic cleaning, Combination Mode, Schedule Cleaning
Cleaning Area 120-150㎡
Battery Endurance about 120mins
Battery Capacity 2500mAh
Charging Time about 4 hours
Noise <55db
Climbing Height 25°
Water Tank Capacity 0.35L
Dust Collector 0.8L
Package Weight 4.5kg
Product Size 31.5 x 7cm (Diameter x Height)
Package Size 57 x 38 x 12.5cm
Package Contents 1 x Main Body
1 x Remote Control
1 x Water Tank Box 
1 x Dust Collector Box
1 x Cleaning Cloth
4 x Edge Cleaning Brushs
1 x Cleaning Brush 
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Charging Base
1 x User Manual

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