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The Picture Hanger is an easy-to-use tool, it saves time, wall, and frustration. Built-in horizontal and vertical levels measure quickly, it will be your family’s practical little helper.

Decorate Your Walls Like A Pro

The Picture Hanger makes it quick and easy to decorate your walls like a pro. No more measuring, marking perfect all the time, really simple to use and saves time, walls and frustration.

No More Measuring

The Picture Hanging Tool has built-in level to ensure that you can just visually hang your art where you want every time, no measuring is needed.

Marks Exactly Where the Nail Goes

The Marking Position Tool has built-in metal pins to mark exactly where the nail goes. Save your walls and frustration by eliminating 'oops' holes.

Essential Hanging Tool for Home Life

The Frame Hanging Tool works great with all types of hanging hardware, picture wire, sawtooth hook, D-Ring and keyhole. Ideal Hanger for pictures, clocks, mirrors and canvas and more.

Easy to Use

Place your picture frame or other item on the hook, and find the right spot, press the button to mark, and hammer the nail in, then hang and level it.


Product Weight 180g
Product Size 34.5 x 9 x 0.8 cm
Package Contents 1 x Picture Hanger

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