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The 5.5mm Mini Endoscope enables you to go into the details in the corners and touch them. It comes in 3.5m long, with 1.3MP camera and 6pcs bright LEDs. Like a little snake, the IP67 waterproof inspection camera can work in different environments, to help you observe and get things out easily. It can be widely used in repair, detection, maintenance, search and rescue, home use, etc.

Observe Details in Large Display

The 3.5m long endoscope enables you to observe details in small untouchable corners on your Android mobile device. You can also connect the endoscope to your laptop or desktop computer, and use it as a PC camera. Both Android OS and Windows OS are supported.

1.3MP Camera + 6 LED Lights

1.3MP photos and HD videos can be directly saved on your phone or PC for follow-up view. 6 LED lights with adjustable brightness provides you a clear view even in the darkness.

Side View Mirror

The use of side view mirror makes it possible to view objects at the left or right in a narrow space.

IP67 Waterproof

IP67 waterproof rating allows it to work in different environments.

Practical and Powerful Attachments

In combination with the endoscope, you can take out things such as keys, screws, coins, jewels, accessories from the corner, hole, gap or hard-to-reach areas.

Wide Application

The borescope is widely used in underwater detection, vehicle maintenance, sewer pipeline dredger, search and rescue, PCB detection, aviation and space industries, construction and so on.


Model FS-AN02
Camera Pixel 1.3MP
Cable Length Model 01 – 1m
Model 02 – 2m
Model 03 – 3.5m
Model 04 – 5m
Focal Distance 3-6 m
Diameter 5.5mm
Product Weight 100g
Product Size 350 x 0.55 x 1 cm
Package Contents 1 x Endoscope
1 x Hook
1 x Side-view Mirror
1 x Fastener
1 x Cable
1 x CD
1 x English User Manual

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