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Flow Ring Kinetic Spring Toy drives the world crazy. It is an unique 3D sculpture that easily changes forms and carries energy to spin and flow on your arms and legs. Whether you’re dancing, twisting, tilting, or spinning, this mesmerizing toy brings science to life in a magical display.


Watch as the mesmerizing kinetic toy springs to life and moves with amazing energy, flowing down your arms and legs while you tilt, shift, and dance.

Takes You Back to Your Childhood

Are you tired of having your kid on his iPhone all the time? Do you feel like he needs to socialize more? That is what you need. We know that you want your kid to play with real toys and stop with the apps. That is why our Flow Ring is exactly for you. Fun and educational game that kids can (and m

Relaxing Toy

Take a moment from your busy day and release the pressure the holds you tight. Let the flow of the ring carry you away and stop thinking about your daily issues for a while.

Multiple Uses

Enjoy the visually calming, soothing feeling of the interactive spring as a fidget toy or teach science and math concepts with the visual teaching tool.


Material 304 Stainless Steel
Product Weight 200g
Product Size 18 x 18 x 8 cm
Package Contents 1 x Flow Ring Kinetic Spring Toy

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