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Are you hiding a spare house key under your door mat? or under a flower pot? on the front porch? It is not safe because that is the first place thieves will look to gain access to your home. But this rock key holder will be a perfect choice, you and your family members will never be locked out again.

Realistic Design

Looks just like an ordinary rock but allows you to hide several keys inside it.

Large Capacity Hidden Tray

Can hold spare keys and other small items up to 2-3/8" length, 1" wide.


Your belongings will not be damaged by normal weather conditions.

Suitable For

Perfect for realtors, parents, garden and landscape businesses, and other home care companies.


Material Poly-resin
Product Weight 4oz
Product Size L3.38 x W2 x H1.25 inch
Package Contents 1 x Fake Rock Key Holder

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