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The Electric Stud Finder is light weight and has ergonomically designed one-key-to-operate handle. It can detect stud, wood, AC wire and metal inside the wall, a practical tool for indoor decoration use.

3-in-1 Detection

With automatic calibration for easy and precise detection, there are three modes to select: wood studs, metal objects (rebar, studs and steel/copper pipes) and live wiring.

Accurate Detector Technology

This stud finder can locate center of wood studs up to 3/4 inch (19 mm) deep, metal studs up to 11/5 inches (30 mm) deep. Wire warning detection indicates the presence of live wire up to 2 inch.

High Efficiency

The easy-to-read LCD screen accurately displays what type of stud you are looking for as well as its position and the battery status of the device.

Sound Warning

It will remind you with sound signal and lighting when it detects wall studs, metal pipes and electrical wires.You can operate in an accurate position and don't damage the wire or encounter obstacles.

Easy to Use

Only two buttons, first select the probe type, then just press and hold the side button and scan horizontally across the object surface. Auto power off without any operation after 60 seconds.


Material ABS Shell
Battery 1 x 9V 6F22 Battery (not included)
Product Weight 203g
Product Size 155 x 28 x 75 mm
Package Contents 1 x Stud Finder

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