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With electromagnetic energy, instead of silver needles, it works better for acupuncture points, great for massaging and relieving pain of all body parts.

Electromagnetic Energy

Instead of silver needles, it works better for acupuncture points, the amplitude can reach muscle deepth for around 5cm.

Built-in Chip

With built-in computer chip, features better performance than conventional acupuncture pens.

Three Heads

With three heads to choose, dome head – for gentle relief to wide areas; node head – for partial body pains; spheroidal head – alleviates pain well and comfortably. No needles, easily focus on painful area and relieve stress.

Using Method

Press switch button for 3 seconds to switch on/off, with 9 adjustable intensity controls power. When the controls power is 0, it will flash red for a few seconds and then shut down automatically. If you need to reuse it, just press the button to increase degree up.

Battery Operated

Low consumption and long-lasting during use, battery is not included.

Wide Application

Applicable for pains of all body parts, such as for pains in cervical vertebrae, shoulder shoulders, waist, feet, etc.. Also serves as an aid to therapy for various diseases such as frozen shoulder, arthritis and neuromuscular pain.


Material Control: One button
Product Weight About 135g
Package Contents 1 x Meridians Laser Acupuncture Pen
3 x Heads
1 x User Manual

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