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This Dual Lightning Adapter enables you use headphones and charging concurrently on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.


Made for iPhone 7/7 Plus, and support any Lightning device that runs iOS 10 or later.

Audio and charge

Dual-Lightning splitter allows to use Lightning headphone and charge at the same time.

Listen and talk

Works with Apple Lightning EarPods, supports microphone.

Impressive sound quality

Up to 48KHz and 24-bit audio output, keep your original headphone sound quality.


  • First plug your headphones to this product, then connect with iPhone. Reversed steps will not make product work correctly.
  • Not support two pairs of headphones at the same time.
  • Not support two Lightning charging cables at the same time.


Interface Lightning male, Lightning female (audio), Lightning female (charge)
Length 12cm
Color Red
Package Contents 1 x Dual Lightning Adapter

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