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The Battery Charging Hub for DJI Spark is designed for use with the Spark Intelligent Flight Battery. It can charge up to three Intelligent Flight Batteries.


  • Charge up to three Spark batteries.
  • Charges in sequence or simultaneously.
  • Intelligent current-limiting feature prolongs battery life.
  • Power cable and charger included.


Brand DJI
Model S1CH
Compatible Battery Charger Spark Battery Charger (F1C50 Version 2)
Compatible Battery Model MB1; 1480 mAh, 11.4 V
Operating Temperature Range 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
Input Voltage 13.05V
Input Current 3.83A
Weight 0.14 lbs (67.2g)
Charge Time Approx. 90 minutes (with three batteries and Spark Battery Charger F1C50 Version 2)
Package Contents 1 x Spark – Battery Charging Hub, 1 x Spark – Charger, 1 x Spark – Power Cable

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