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This product consists of 3 lenses, namely 180 degree fisheye lens which is suitable for selfie and photo portraits with friends. Then the macro lens can zoom up to 10 times. Macro lenses are useful for shooting various small objects in detail such as insects, flowers, to product photos. And the last is a wide angle lens that is suitable for shooting scenes because the photo area is wider.

180 Degree Fisheye

Fisheye lens with a strong visual effect, imaginative, help you to take more personalised and professional photos. And it can broaden horizons to show you the unusual artistic effect.

110 Degree Wide Angle Lens

110 degree wide-angle lens can expand the camera angles, the picture is more natural. It is a good choice for large scenes.

10X Macro Lens

This macro lens is divided into 10X. The macro lens is used for close-up shots. You can see the details of tiny plants and animals clearly in your smartphones by using it. It will help to discover and explore the microscopic world.

Detachable Clip, Easy to Use

Easy to use, works on most type of smartphones, tablet with lens diameter less than 4mm.

Professional HD Glass Reduce Glare and Reflection

Seamless combining superior comfort, durability and ultra-thin ergonomics, get the edge and stay one step ahead.

Compact and Useful

Can be used on front lens and rear lens, easy-to-carry, no sheltering from sight.


Package Content 1 x Fisheye Len
1 x Wide Leg Len
1 x Macro Len
2 x Clips
1 x Cleaning Cloth

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