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This makeup brush cleaner set is designed for quickly removing makeup residue and germs from your cosmetic brushes, keeping brushes clean and prolonging their lifespan.


  • Made from high grade materials, durable for long terms use.
  • Comes with different sizes of rubber collars, suitable for different brushes.
  • Clean makeup brushes in seconds without damaging, remove the nasty bacteria, oil, dirt, and dead skin which are clinging to your makeup brushes, bring you cleaner, healthier skin.
  • Simple to use, only 3 easy steps: First: Attach the brush to the spinner. Second: Pour water and soap into the bowl. Third: Spin to rinse.
  • Battery operated.


Material Plastic
Power Battery(not included)
Package Contents 1 x Main Device, 8 x Rubber Collars, 1 x Collar Stand, 1 x Spindle, 1 x Washing Bowl, 1 x User Manual

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