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The 16X Zoom Telephoto Lens enables you to take 16X enlarged, clearer and brighter image with your phone. Simply clip the lens on your phone camera and it gives greater vision, excellent color reproduction close-up pictures. A handheld tripod helps minimize blurriness and enhance stabilization while shooting. Portable and practical, perfect for discovering and exploring the wonderful world.

16X Zoom Telephoto Lens

Small and portable 16x telescope lens, delivers superior quality pictures from a distance without you having to get too close to your subject, suitable for football games and concert.

Fully Multi-layer Coating

All coated glass optical elements, which allow more light passes through, transmits the colors, sharpness, and brightness precisely.

Stable & Practical Tripod

Upgrade tripod with anti-slip rubber bottom helps minimize blurriness from a shaky hand, stabilization is also handy when you're shooting video. Rotating axis allows the tripod can be rotatied in vertical and horizontal direction easily.

Universal Lens Clip

Portable, removable and solid clip-on design that attaches to almost all mobile phones including iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI, etc.


Model APL-JS16XJJ04
Material Optical Glass+ Aluminum Alloy+ ABS
Package Content 1 x 16X Telescope Lens, 1 x Tripod, 1 x Universal Clip, 1 x Cleaning Cloth, 1 x User Manual

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