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This anti-drowning bracelet is of high buoyancy design, wearable, portable, lightweight, with inflatable gasbag gives your a sense of security and different experience over water sport.


  • Prevention of hand and leg cramps, long-term swimming fatigue, disordered shock or unexpected accident when swimming, super practical.
  • Equipped with a whistle and a compass, so that people can be rescued in the vast waters to quickly locate the direction.
  • Fully inflate the lifesaving sac in 1 to 2 seconds, and it can withstand 100-150KG weight of adults.
  • Perfectly suitable for swimming under the sea, fishing, yacht sightseeing, diving, surfing at sea, water rowing and more.
  • Please keep the product away from children.
  • Each time, before using, please check the device is installed with correct way.
  • Carbon dioxide cylinders can only be used for one time, replace it after used.
  • The carbon dioxide gad cylinder included in the box, is stored under high pressure, so do not expose it directly to sunlight OR store in an environment of heat higher than 120F/49C.


Material PC + TPU + Plastic + Aluminum Alloy
Airbag Material High buoyancy waterproof TPU composite fabric
Cylinder's Material Iron plated nickel
Gas Type Frozen hydraulic carbon dioxide
Storage Temperature -20℃ to +70℃
Gas Volume 5.89 CO2
Package Contents 1 x Floating Lifesaving Wristband
2 x Air Bottles
1 x User Manual

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