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Allocacoc FidgetPen is a playful fidget pen for stress relief. There are many ways to play with, great for relieving your stress and makes you occupied. It can also serve as a regular pen to write.

Fidgeting with Magnets Builds Concentration

Twists, bounce, pop… playing with a pen can build concentration. Remove the ring, turn it upside down, break it apart. There are many ways to play! By flipping the magnetic rings you can either have the cap attract or repel to its base, allowing for different ways to fidget.

Stand Vertically

Use the rings to prop your pen upright! No more losing your pen in between your notebook pages.


Easily replace the ink cartridge of your pen. The pen’s strong material adds durability, guaranteeing a long lifetime.

Erasable Ink

The erasable ink version allows you to undo any mistakes – just use the silicon cap to erase!


Brand Allocacoc
Material Aluminum
Refill Gray-G2, silver-pilot, gold-G2
Package Contents 1 x Allocacoc FidgetPen

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