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This easy on/off posture corrector improves your posture by pulling the shoulders back and straightens the spine, it is easy to adjust for a perfect custom fit and its cushioned soft feel and breathability makes it comfortable for everyday use.


  • Most effective neoprene posture corrector designed to improve your posture by pulling the shoulders back and straightens the spine.
  • Simple figure braces with fastener tape design for quick and easy to put on and take off and suitable for chest circumference of 37-45in.
  • Lightweight and breathable material of the shoulder support brace fit snugly and allows full flexible movement.
  • Start with wearing it for 1-2 hours a day and once your muscles start supporting your back by themselves, you won't need a posture brace any longer.
  • Eliminate neck, shoulder and back discomfort from long time wrong sitting posture, it's really a helpful support that works to keep your posture in correct alignment.


  • Help adolescent prevent hunchback.
  • Help parents relieve back, lumbar and shoulder pain.
  • Help the sedentary office worker correct the sitting posture for lumbar disease prevention.


Gender Unisex
Suitable Size 37-45in
Package Contents 1 x Posture Corrector Belt

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