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This mini cable clip is a smart choice for people who want a tidy and organized space without the tangling and cluttering of cables. It is specially designed for cable organization in vehicle, also can be used in your office or home. 3M adhesive pads are strong enough to adhere to any surface, yet easy to remove without any damage or residues. 8pcs cable clips will satisfy all your organization needs and last for a long time.


  • Manage and organize cables while providing easy access when you need to put cables in or plug out.
  • Keeps your cable in check within arm’s reach and get your car or desk clean and organized. Never lose you cable.
  • Capable of handling cables from 4-6cm diameter. One clip can hold 3 cables simultaneously.
  • 3M adhesive pads included, can adhere to any surface like desk, wall, furniture, car dashboard, etc. Easy disassembly without any residues.
  • Mini size with compact design, maximizes your desk or car dashboard space.


Material PVC
Product Weight 30g
Product Size 26 x 10 x 15 mm
Package Contents 8 x Cable Clips, 10 x 3M Adhesive Pads

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