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These Dental Brush Picks are specially designed to clean in between your teeth and gums, the parts where your toothbrush can't reach. They will help to keep your teeth and gums even cleaner and healthier. You will notice cleaner teeth, healthier gums and better smelling breath. Try this! Say goodbye to embarrassment and show your confident smile.

Maintain Oral Hygiene

This interdental brush can clean and remove the plaque between the teeth that normal toothbrush cannot reach, without hurting gum.

Comfortable & Convenient

Feel comfortable to remove food debris. Offers gentle but effective interdental cleaning while help to minimize gum trauma. Perfectly clean the interdental spaces.

Soft Silicone Material

Made of food grade material, which is soft, non-toxic, safe, healthy and also eco-friendly.

Comes with 80pcs

You can use it for a long time, throw it away after each use.

Easy to Carry

Packed in a portable case, which is very convenient to carry.


Material Silicone, plastic
Product Weight Approx. 80g
Product Size Approx. 16 x 6 x 3cm
Package Contents 80 x Dental Floss Brush(random color)

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