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The 56s Bluetooth 4.1 Running Headphones are the ideal audio partner for anyplace where you want to listen to music, including working out at the gym, walking and running, enjoying outdoor sports or even just relaxing around your home.

Earhook design

Don't fall out even during fast exercise.


Prevents water splashing, fog, sweat, mild acid and corrosion.

Advanced noise cancelling technology

Gives you crystal clear audio quality with powerful deep bass.

Excellent battery life

Built-in Li-polymer battery lets you enjoy about 4 hours of premium quality talk or 6 hours of play time.

Built-in Mic

Deliver crystal-clear voice without the distraction of the ambient noise.

Smart indication of battery levels

Your connected iPhone will show its battery levels.

Multi-point connection

Allows to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

On-cable control

Achieve multiple functions quickly.


Model 56S
Bluetooth Version 4.1
Battery Capacity 70mAh
Call Time About 4 hours
Play Time About 6 hours
Charging Time 1-2 hours
Package Contents 1 x Pair of Headphones

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