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Dual light adaptor is compact in design and powerful at functions, it is portable for you to carry on, and can make your luggage lighter than ever before


  • Lighting adaptor has two lighting ports+3.5mm headphone, which makes your life more comfortable. One port is to light the music line with the headphone, another port is to connect the power line for charging.
  • The new lighting adaptor supports the latest ios 11 or more, and it can realize fast connection without error breaking up.
  • Tiny in design and powerful in function, it can be carried easily to anywhere and solve the problem of calling or listening to music while charging.
  • Don’t support using the Lightning audio jack and the 3.5mm audio jack at the same time, if so, only the Lightning audio jack will work.
  • The iPhone X home button + 3.5mm audio jack supports system like IOS 9.2-11.2.6.


Brand Zapals
Product Size 17.78 x 10.67 x 0.50 cm
Package Contents 1*Lightning Adapter

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