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This 3 in 1 set, including Joy-Con Controller Grip, Charge Stand, Game Card Box Storage Stand, are your best nintendo switch accessories, and will provide you with ultra comfortable gaming experience.


  • 3 in 1 Multi-function Accessories, Joy-Con Controller Grip + Charge Stand + Game Card Box Storage Stand for N-Switch Game Controller.
  • The Joy-Con Controller Grip is compact and curved palm designed, which reduces hand fatigue and provides you with ultra comfortable gaming experience.
  • Perfect Charge Angle Charge Stand allows you to play games while charging, do not need to remove your Nintendo switch.
  • Adopting Type-C interface for fast charging, suitable for a variety of USB adapters.
  • The Game Card Storage Box is specifically designed for Nintendo Switch disks or cartridges, saving you plenty of space and maintain a clean and neat desktop.


Charge Stand Charging Voltage: DC 5V
Charging Current: Max 2A
Material: ABS
Weight: 108g
Controller Grip Size: 136 x 87 x 48mm
Material: ABS
Weight: 53g
Game Card Box Storage Stand Size: 156x60x41mm
Material: ABS
Weight: 73g
Package Contents 1 x Charge Stand
1 x Controller Grip
1 x Storage Stand

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