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Transfer digital photos and other media between TF and SD cards (not included) and your cellphone & PC with this USB and Micro USB OTG Card Reader, which expands capacity of your devices and features USB 2.0 connectivity for wide-ranging use.

Dual Plug Design

Comes with USB 2.0 plug and micro USB plug, suitable for both most of Android phones and tablets which support OTG function and PC/laptops.

OTG Function

Provides a convenient and alternative way for phones/tablets to view picture, listen to music, data transform from card reader.

Compatible Memory Cards

Support to read and write SD/TF cards.

USB 2.0

Fully compliant with high-speed USB2.0 transfer protocol, the maximum transmission up to 480Mbps.

Plug & Play Design

Enables simple use with your phones or PC.


Material ABS
Suitable For TF/SD card
Product Size 5.6 x 1.7 x 1 cm
Package Contents 1 x USB OTG SD/TF Card Reader

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