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This rattlesnake measures approx 16" long with 22 segments and creeps along quickly when you push the forward, left or right buttons on the snake-egg infrared remote control. You'll swear it's the real thing… The rc snake even whips its tail and, yes, its tongue at unsuspecting bystanders!


  • Super realistic: Forward, left and right turn, stop, retractable tongue, swinging tail.
  • Fast moving: Measures approx 16" long with (22) segments for excellent slithering action.
  • Power supply: Remote runs on 3 cell batteries and the snake is rechargeable via the included USB charging cable.
  • Remote control: Remote range is about 15m.
  • Versatile use: Fun for holiday (like April Fools' Day) tricks, for everyone's sake.


Recommended Age Six and above
Function Move forward, turn right & left, stop, tail swing and tongue movement.
Remote Control Distance 15m
Battery Type Rechargeable (snake), 3 x cell battery (remote control)
Operation Time About 20 minutes
Charging Time About 30 minutes
Color Green, white, black, beige
Product Size 39 x 3.5 x 3 cm
Package Contents 1 x RC Snake, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x USB Charging Cable

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