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These reusable connectors make the job much easier and neater, great for removable connections as soldering does not need to occur. Connect any combination of solid, stranded, and flexible copper wires faster and more reliably.

Durable & Reliable

Selecting flame retardant insulating material modified nylon PA6.6, which is long life, no corrosion, anti-aging, and against electrical shock.

Never Fall Off

With flame retardant insulation materials and stainless steel spring structure, makes the wire connection does not fall off, transparent and safe to see.

Independent & Reusable

Every junction independent shrapnel, different wire managed separately, different diameter can be connect security. Moreover, it is a reusable connector.


Suitable for 0.08-2.5(4.0)mm² hard conductors and soft conductors, which is very practical.

Easy to Use

It is no need tools, plug and play, greatly reduce the wiring work time.

Widely Applicable

It is widely used in building wiring where space is at a premium for all connections requiring.


Model PCT-212
Port Number 2
For Solid Conductor Size 0.08-2.5 mm²
For Flexible Conductor Size 0.08- 4.0 mm²
Rated Voltage 400V
Rated Current 32A
Rated Power 7KW
Product Size 20.5 x 12.4 x 14.5 mm
Package Content 10 x Wire Connector

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