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In our daily life, in addition to air flight, we often live in the noise environment: subway, bus, high-speed rail, street and so on, which may cause hearing impairment. It's significant for us to choose right noise cancelling earphone to release our ears.

CMOS Single-Chip

Fully-Integrated PMB, BB, Audio CODEC, ANC and cortex-M4F CPU, performance of noise reduction is more stable.

Ergonomic Design

The ear buds are contoured and feature tips made from ultra-soft silicone, for a better and more comfortable fit..

Codec's Place

Compared with the traditional earphone, the in-ear headphones has codec(192k/24bit) instead of the dependence of the handset's codec. It can transfer more HD signals.

Noise Isolation

Extensive applicable scene and excellent effect of noise cancelling. 1more earphone produces a fully satisfying listening experience without the unhealthy volume levels.

Single-Button Control

Press up and down to control volume, left and right to select music, mid to replay calling.


Lightning plug, made for Apple products.


Brand 1 MORE
Microphone Support
Plug Type Lightning
Rated Power 5 mW
Horn Impedance 32 ohm
Cable Length 1.25m
Frequency Range 20-20,000 Hz
Compatibly Lightning jack
Wire Material Enamelled copper wire
Package Contents  1 x Earphone

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